Introducing LA-HOP: An online portal for homeless outreach requests

Concerned about homelessness? Wondering how to get outreach help for people in need?

LA-HOP is designed to assist people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles outreach services. 

LA-HOP does not replace homeless encampment reporting, bulky item pick up, illegal dumping or graffiti removal. Please use the MyLA 311 service to respond to these calls.

For medical or mental health emergencies, please call 911.

For crime or illegal activity, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

When should I fill out an outreach request?

Did you see someone experiencing homelessness who needs help? Notice a homeless neighbor who seems to be struggling with their physical and/or mental health? Then you can help them by filling out an outreach request and alert LAHSA to any specific concerns you may have regarding the person’s well-being. As outreach capacity is limited, requests for those with more serious medical and/or mental health needs may be prioritized.

What do outreach workers do?

Outreach workers have many different skills including homeless services navigation, mental health first aid, motivational interviewing, and trauma informed care, among others. Some teams even have physical health, mental health and substance use professionals. Outreach teams start by building a trusting relationship with and determining the needs of people living on the streets. Their efforts can be as simple as helping someone experiencing homelessness get an ID card or as complex as helping to meet medical and mental health needs. But the ultimate goal of outreach services? To help people who are homeless move from the streets into a permanent home.

How long does it take to help someone?

Some people may require significant time to build trust. Others may be more readily open to help. Regardless, everything we do is in partnership with those we serve, and is done in a way that fosters dignity and self-determination. Until there’s more shelter and affordable permanent housing, the process to get people indoors is slower than we would like.But through the investments of capital development funding via Proposition HHH, No Place Like Home, and Measure H, there will be an increase in shelter beds and permanent housing over time. The commitment of outreach teams, combined with expanded housing opportunities, will make a huge difference.

When do outreach workers work?

They usually work during daylight hours due to safety and because this allows outreach workers to connect individuals that are homeless to resources and other critical services like health and mental health services, job training programs, and those offered by the Department of Motor Vehicles and Department of Public Social Services.

How long does it take a team to respond?

Due to high demand, it may take a few days for an outreach team to be deployed and we may need to prioritize those individuals who are most vulnerable. With nearly 40,000 people living on the streets of LA County, the need for outreach services is great.

Can I get an update on what happened?

If you provide your email address, LA-HOP will let you know they received your request and when it was fulfilled. LA-HOP is required by law to protect the privacy of those they serve…therefore they are unable to share updates. If you agree to be contacted, they may reach out to you to ask additional questions that will help them locate and connect with the person referred.